I am not a Harvard alumni or a person of color (POC), can I still attend?

Absolutely!  AOCC encourages the participation of any and every ally committed to learning about and leveraging social justice efforts in order to create a welcoming home for all students.

I am not a Harvard alumni or a person of color (POC), can I still apply to present?

AOCC is centered around the work and leadership of POC in education, however, we invite allies committed to the work of social justice to submit proposals that are beneficial to the AOCC community. In the past, we have included submissions led by White allies on topics like “Combatting White Supremacy, Starting in the White Community.” You do not have to be affiliated with the Harvard community to submit a proposal.

What will be the format of AOCC 2022?


In keeping with the current COVID-19 guidelines set in place by the University, AOCC 2022 will be hosted primarily online with some in-person components for current HGSE students, faculty and staff, and the class of 2021. All HGSE students, including students studying full-time in residence or part-time online, will be invited to travel to campus to participate in AOCC. Students who graduated in the class of 2021 will also be invited to attend AOCC in-person. Part-time students and members of the class of 2021 will be expected to comply with COVID-19 protocol before accessing campus. Please email Andrea Le, andrea_le@gse.havard.edu, if you have questions about the campus-access protocol.


Please note, there are some visa considerations that may prevent some current part-time international students from attending AOCC. Students who require a tourist visa to travel to the U.S. must complete all degree requirements before January of 2022 in order to attend AOCC. Students with questions about these considerations should email Andrea Le, andrea_le@gse.harvard.edu


With the exception of a few in-person events, AOCC 2022 will be accessible virtually.


Is there a charge to attend the conference?


No! Registration for AOCC 2022 is free!


Can alumni who are not graduates of the Class of 2021 submit proposals to present in-person?


Unfortunately, the COVID-19 guest policies currently in place at HGSE prevent alumni from attending AOCC in person. HGSE alumni are welcome to submit proposals to lead virtual sessions and workshops. The proposal guidelines for AOCC 2022 can be found here.


Who is eligible to submit proposals for in-person workshops?


Current HGSE students, both in-residence and online, and members of the class of 2021 are eligible to submit proposals to present in-person at HGSE. In-person sessions will be streamed for virtual conference attendees. We strongly encourage that all in-person proposals be designed with both in-person and virtual audiences in mind.


How can I ensure my proposal is in line with the AOCC 2022 theme?


Please review the theme of this years AOCC and keep in mind the use of the progressive educational experiences that are thought provoking and engaging to the community. 


As an alumni, how can I engage with the current affinity groups? 


AOCC is a great time to have current students and alumni networking. Find the Student Affinity Group Directory here


I submitted a proposal, when should I expect to hear back?


Thank you for submitting a proposal for AOCC 2022! You should expect to hear back in late January of 2022.


Does HGSE provide personal accommodations (ie: lodging, transportation, etc)?


Unfortunately, as a student-led conference, HGSE does not provide funding for travel or lodging. If you are eligible to attend AOCC in-person, we recommend you take a look at the following suggestions of accommodations:

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to be a global threat. We recommend that you take the pandemic into consideration when making any travel arrangements. Please make sure to thoroughly understand the cancellation policies on any travel or accommodation bookings before purchasing. We encourage you to take all necessary safety precautions while traveling.


When will conference registration open?


You can expect conference registration to open in February of 2022.

How can I stay up-to-date on AOCC developments?

Join the AOCC mail list and the HGSE AOCC LinkedIn Group for conference information and updates!

I don't see my question answered here - who should I contact?

Feel free to reach out to osa@gse.harvard.edu.